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Prague graffiti and the Lennon Wall

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lennon wall 002

I’ve barely been out since I came back from England so today I decided to go and take a look at the Lennon Wall.

It is less than five minutes from the main drag of Charles Bridge and yet this morning, at least, there were very few tourists around.

lennon wall 006

‘Láska’, the huge word in purple, means ‘love’ by the way but if you’re thinking of leaving your own  here, don’t worry, most of the messages are in English.

I keep wanting to call it the Lenin Wall, but so far I’ve managed not to make that potentially embarrasing slip of the tongue out loud.

Velkopřevorské Námestí felt very calm and secluded.  There were lots of trees and pretty buildings and a little secret doorway in the side of the wall with a cafe with a lovely terrace where I had another one of my many overpriced cups of coffee and the waitress didn’t laugh at my Czech.  It was good.

lennon wall 007

I wanted to make all kinds of clever observations and witty asides but now I’m sat at my keyboard, inspiration seems to have left me.  I should at least say something like the Lennon Wall started after John was shot by a crazed fan in 1980 and then became  a symbol of the struggle against Communism, but then writing phrases like ‘a symbol of the struggle against Communism’ sends my cringe-o-meter off the scale.

Here’s another nearby collective work of art I stumbled on around the corner, this time involving barbed wire and padlocks.

lennon wall 008

If you take a closer look, you’ll realise that this too is intended to be a kind of shrine to love.

lennon wall 009

It seems that couples write their names on a padlock and then leave them here to symbolise their eternal devotion.  There it is again, that word ‘symbolise’.  My cringe-o-meter is going to let that one through. Does anyone know more about this place and how it started?  And am I the only one who thinks that a padlock might be a problematic metaphor for a long-term relationship?

Anyway, here’s some graffiti I spotted in nearby Kampa that made me laugh, given that the Czech Republic is not a nation renowned for promoting vegetarianism:

island and roztyly pics 044

Has Banksy sneaked off to Prague and decided to cover the city in hairy baked beans?


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