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Dirty talk, politics and Radio 4

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[It’s been a while.  Sorry. Still, never complain, never explain as Katherine Hepburn or Benjamin Disraeji apparently said.]

It is Czechman who reminds me that there is soon to be a general election back in Blighty.   The conversation goes something like this:

Czechman: You know there’s going to be an election in England soon don’t you?

Me: (barely suppressed yawn) Is there?

Czechman: (incredulous) You are going to vote, aren’t you?

Me: (sigh) No.  Why should I?  What difference does it make anyway?

Czechman: (irritated, contemptuous) I cannot believe that someone like you, with your education, who spends so much time listening to BBC 4 –

Me: – it’s Radio 4 actually –

Czechman: –  can’t be bothered to vote!  You will sort this out, won’t you?

Me:  Umm, probably. [Which of course means no].

I have only ever voted once. Excited at having the chance to play a very small part in helping to oust the Tories, I put my cross in the box for Labour.  What did Mr Blair’s government go and do?  Finish off the job the Conservatives had started by getting rid of student grants and replacing them with loans –  just as I was about to go to university.  This is my excuse for being disillusioned with elections and politics (or should I say, poli-tricks).

It is just an excuse though. The main reason I don’t vote is apathy and Czechman knows it. The fairly transparent subtext of his part in the above exchange can be paraphrased roughly as follows. I grew up under Communism and so I know more about the value of democracy than you, spoilt Westerner. Throwing away your right to vote because of laziness – and therefore letting others decide for you – is negligence of the worst kind.

I know he’s right.  It’s just so hard to get excited about Messrs Brown and Cameron and so much easier just to ignore all the petty Punch and Judy exchanges now I’ve left the country.  And yet.  It’s not exactly that the suffragettes had in mind but I will probably succumb to Czechman pressure and apply for an expat post vote just to keep the peace. 

Who will be getting my cross in their box?  I’m not telling.  You see, that’s democracy, comrade.

                               *                                                             *                                                        *

‘What about the dirty talk?’ those of you who’ve actually read this far may be wondering.  

Ah.  I’m thinking of changing the name of the blog to ‘Girl in Czechland With A One Track Mind’.  It will please those who end up here after typing ‘Hot Czech teen nymphos’ into Google.


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