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Jak mluvit česky s cizinci or How to speak Czech with foreigners

  Dobrý den. Jmenuju se Holka v Česku. Myslím, že se už trochu známe, ale mluvili jsme vždycky spolu anglicky. Je to škoda, protože já bych opravdu chtěla mluvít líp český, tak jsem se rozhodla něco vám napsat v čestině. … Continue reading


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A post in which my love of Czechland is explained

underdog: 1.  a loser or predicted loser in a struggle or contest 2 .a victim of injustice or persecution I always side with the underdog. Perhaps that’s part of the reason I instinctively love Czechland. It’s a small nation which … Continue reading


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Czech 101: 5 essential phrases the textbooks won’t teach you

I used to have a dream. In that dream I’m wearing a leather catsuit and have a small pearl handed pistol stuffed in my bra.  I’m a top class operative working for Her Majesty’s Secret Service – a sort of … Continue reading


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Some reasons to love (and hate) summer in Prague

There are many reasons to love summer in Prague. It’s an excuse to explore the city’s great parks, have a wander along the river or just chill out in a beer garden. However, there’s one major downer besides the influx … Continue reading


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Podolí: Girl in Czechland’s Guide to Prague’s Outdoor Swimming Complex

I’m back from my Greek Odyssey. I have a suntan of sorts: we English folk don’t really go brown, just a slightly darker shade of pale. Czechman and I like to joke about it: before I was Mozzarella white, now … Continue reading


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