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Czech mums are Supermums: another weekend with The Village People

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Meet Babovka, a traditional Czech sponge cake

In Czechland, doctors often send their patients to a spa to recuperate. I opted to go to stay with the Village People (aka Czechman’s parents) instead. Why? Because I knew I would get plenty of sympathy after my recent adventures in hospital, especially from Czechman’s mum.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Czech mothers all seem to possess a surplus of caring genes. Either that or they all attend some special training camp where they learn all the skills necessary to be supermums.

Highlights of the weekend included:

–  learning how to make babovka (a traditional Czech sponge cake) with Czechman’s mum. The results were excellent but the real test is whether I can manage to make it as well without expert supervision

–  an 80’s fashion show starring Czechman and his collection of ancient tepláky (jogging bottoms) as he decided what from his teenage wardrobe should finally be thrown away

– hunting through Czechman mum’s collection of vintage knitting and crochet patterns: fascinating stuff for a craftaholic like me

– admiring Czechman’s dad at work in his království (kingdom) – the workshop at the bottom of grandma’s garden – where he has transformed the bits of wooden worktop into leaf-shaped chopping boards, including a minature one for Czechman’s niece – šikovny!

– daily trips to the grandmas to discuss important topics like the latest episode of Prostřeno! and how well the hens are laying: very well indeed as we now have thirty organic eggs in our fridge. Better get started on that babovka…

I may be wrong, but my impression is family is more important here in the Czech Republic than in England. In my early days in Czechland I’d grumble a bit about how often we are expected to put in an appearance at Czechman’s parents (once a month minimum) and the fact that my presence is required too (but they’re your parents) but now that I finally understand most of what’s going on, I really look forward to it.

You see, Czechland is home now and it’s starting to feel like his family are my family too.

“You seem really comfy here,” Czechman observed this weekend. And I am.

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