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Christmas time, Czech style: St Nicolas and some Tasmanian Devils

Greetings readers! It’s December and Christmas time is fast approaching. I do enjoy the build-up to Christmas in Czechland (even if I’m not the biggest fan of the menu on the big day — carp is just a bit too … Continue reading


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Pies and Prejudice: Girl in Czechland hits Manchester

I have a confession to make. Ever since my sister’s wedding, I’ve been feeling a bit homesick. It’s easy enough to buy real English muffins, some Cadbury’s chocolate or an overpriced copy of the Guardian here in Prague these days … Continue reading


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A pig in the park in Prague (and a dodgy funfare ride)

Sometimes it’s a struggle to find inspiration for a new blog post — and then sometimes, an idea is handed to you on a plate. I was out for a spoilt and western coffee with a fellow Angličanka in Holešovice the … Continue reading


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A Tale of Two (Czech) Taxi Drivers

“Všude dobře, doma nejlépe,” as the Czech proverb goes, or if you prefer the English equivalent saying, “There’s no place like home.” The difficulty I faced yesterday was getting there from Prague airport after my recent sojurn in a Spanish … Continue reading


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‘What do you call a Škoda with twin exhausts?’ (and some tomatoes)

Those of you who follow my Facebook page will be aware that there’s been a big purchase recently at Girl in Czechland Towers. After four years of living in Prague, we finally have wheels! And the brand of the car … Continue reading


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