Who is Girl in Czechland?

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“Curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice (she was so much surprised that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English) 

Hello.  I am a British woman who decided to fall down the rabbit hole and experience the strange yet oddly familiar world that is Czechland.

When people ask me why I came here, I tell them it’s a love story.  Back in the Noughties I fell for a dashing Czech man (or Czechman as I have imaginatively dubbed him here on the blog) and with some trepidation, followed him back home.

When you move countries to be with a romantic partner, you have to try to fall in love with their culture too. At least a little bit. So the blog is about my encounters with all aspects of Czech life which has proved to be both frustrating and delightful – but always fascinating. 

I try to write about life in Czechland from a quirky, sideways perspective.  I hope you’ll agree.

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  1. Jaredd

    Hi English woman,

    just wanted to stop by and say hi:). I really like your blog and some the experiences are just like mine!

  2. Jaredd

    *some of the
    excuse my typing

    • I’m honestly not sure about Bratislava, but in selalmr towns (e.g. Stupava not too far from Bratislava), these are used as a communication means.My US friends were genuinely amazed to witness them working it felt like being in a weird movie about the Eastern Bloc

  3. azande

    I stumbled on your blog while looking for information about moving to Prague. I couldn’t find an email address on the site so if you could email me (azande at gmail.com) I’d like to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind.

  4. MichaelL

    Please keep writing, your blog is awesome 🙂

  5. Irina

    Hi there,
    Thanks a lot for the blog! I was looking for some info on language studing. Do you speak Czech yet?

    • girlinczechland

      Hi Irena,

      Yes, I do speak some Czech although it’s still pretty limited. I’d say I was pre-intermediate.

      There are language classes at Charles University which start towards the end of September. You can attend twice a week in the evenings which will suit me. I also went to Czech Language Training in Zizkov for a while. I thought they were okay but a bit pricey (300kc for 90 mins in a group class: I don’t get paid much more than that when I’m teaching!)

      Hope that helps.


  6. bubbalooie

    Hi, I have lived here for over sixteen years and I must say I do find your blog not only interesting but entertaining, does Czechman know how lucky he really is???

  7. mandy


    This is a really funny page, Im a Irish girl with Czech man, can relate to what you are talking about!

  8. Martha

    Reading your blog has been very comforting, since I’m a 20 year-old American who just learned that I will be studying abroad in the Czech Republic for a year this September. Maybe when I get there we should have a coffee, you sound very pleasant and down-to-earth.

  9. Hi, I’m living in England this year. It makes reading your Czech experience even more fun. 🙂

  10. Hi GirlinCzechland,
    Do you have a regular blog feed? (I see the email subscription feed.)

  11. girlinczechland

    Hello there,

    I’ve added an RSS feed widget to the side bar – let me know if there are any problems with it.

    Thanks for your help!


  12. A

    Can’t remember how I ended up here on your blog but I really enjoy reading your posts! 🙂 *bookmarking it*

  13. Renee

    Well…I was redirected to your blog off of the Black women in Europe site. I also just got done reading your blog “I’m not normal, I’m a nigger” because obviously it instantly caught my eye. I like the fact that you are not afraid to tackle the sensative issues as well as what makes the Czech Republic so great. I’ve been in Prague for only 3 wks, so I’m just begining to learn the culture. This is a tremendous resource. Thank you!

    Renee ( a dazed and confused woman from Chicago)

    • girlinczechland

      Hi Renee,

      Really glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog. Being dazed and confused is pretty normal I think: hope your experience so far has been a positive one. As hopefully you can tell, I really enjoy living here despite some very minor niggles.

      Mej se,


  14. Hi, I just heard about you from my very own Czechman’s friend, Petr, who happens to be a real journalist, working for real Czech magazines/newspapers… and he reads your blog. And likes it. Congratulations. He asked if I knew you. Nope. But I’d like to. If you’re in for it (excuse me, sorry, up to it), send me a message. I would love to have a chat over tea.

    • girlinczechland

      Hello Bethany,
      Thanks for stopping by and passing on Petr’s compliments – always welcome 🙂 I will indeed message you just as soon as the fallout from ‘Houskygate’ has died down…

  15. Pája

    Ahoj GIC,
    čtení tvého blogu mě velmi baví. Je zajimavé číst jak vidíš Čechy a Česko. Normálně bych se nedivila tomu, že máme na ulicích hodiny, v obchodech automaty na kávu a sbíráme houby. Prosím víc takových vtipných postřehů 🙂 Jsi ‘šikovná’ 😀

  16. Lucie

    Aaaaah, that’s who you are!
    I am a Czech girl who gladly escaped THE overcrowded, traffic unfriendly and crime-full Oxford after living there for 5 years.
    Me and my Czech-man have swapped the British land for Munich and we love it!
    I do enjoy your writing about the post-communist country, which the Czech Republic still is, and I admire you for moving there 😉
    Keep that good job going girl!


    • girlinczechland

      Hello Lucie,
      Sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy life in Oxford – I’ve never lived there myself so can’t comment on the friendliness (or lack of) although I do agree it is *full* of traffic. Glad you enjoy my musings and hope you keep reading. Munich is a city I’m yet to visit (Czechman says it’s too kitsch to interest him as a daytrip/weekend break destination) but I’ve heard good things about it.
      Hope you keep reading,

  17. Barbora

    Brilliant! Keep writing!
    You are here in Czechland and I want to live UK 🙂 Isn´t it ironic?

    Good job, perfect!

  18. Hey, what a great blog! I really like the way you write. I had to laugh at the story about the bakery – it’s just so very Czech the way they behaved to you.
    I have a blog too but in Czech 🙂

    • girlinczechland

      Hi Lvice,
      Glad you’re enjoying the blog. I’m a bit embarrased that the bakery post has proved so popular as it is me just having a bit of a moan. I guess I’ll have to make sure the next post is a cheerful one. And do post a link to your blog: I do enjoy having an excuse to practice my Czech without humiliating myself in public 🙂


      • No need to be embarrassed! The bakery story is the best.
        The latest post on my blog is about a divorce. My own divorce. Not very cheerful either. LOL

  19. I knows you, I do. I think I’ve seen you flapping your gills in the fenlands. Then trying to conquer Europe as Napoleon.

    From Bismarck

  20. Hi,
    I’m born and raised in Prague and I have stumbled upon your blog and love it. I live in San Francisco now, but when me and my husband lived in Prague, he had many stories to tell, laugh and cry about sometimes. We Czechs can definitely be a strange bunch.
    Anyways, thanks for your blog!

  21. Hey, enjoying your blog 🙂 I moved to Brno, Czech Republic a few months ago and started blogging, but dont have much time to do it, but I enjoy your blog 🙂

  22. florin

    am ramas incantat de poliglotismul tau… cati stiu ca esti romanca si nu english-woman? you make me proud of being romanian!

  23. Jana

    Dear GirlInCzechland,
    what you are doing here seems pretty amazing from me! (Well, from the bits I’ve just seen…instead of writing my extended essay to get the damned IB Diploma, argh…)
    I am Czech and I transferred to the International School of Prague just a year ago. What I find irritating about most of my schoolmates is that they may have lived here for five years now and for two years to come but they don’t care a bit about the place they live in, do not know the city or its culture (other than bars and clubs, of course :P) and never even intended to learn a bit of the language. Thus the “inferiority syndrome” you wrote about – it is a thing. Often irrational, true, but can have some causes – many foreigners from “shiny happy West” just do not care…but you obviously do, and my “inferior Czech me” loves it and feels a bit better because of it 🙂
    I’ll make sure to follow your blog and drop some comment on Czech perspective here and there 🙂

    • girlinczechland

      Hi Jana,
      Thanks a lot for your thoughtful, encouraging comment and good luck with your IB! I did A-levels myself back in the day but they do say the IB creates a more intellectually rounded individual – you can let me know what you think once you’re on the other side…

      • Jana

        Thank you, I’ll sure need plenty of luck 😀
        Well, I am not very familiar with A-levels, but I imagine that IB is more “well-rounded” than many educational systems abroad. For me, coming from Czech system, it was actually narrowing down! At my old school (“Gymnázium”, middle school and high school joined, usually claimed to be more “selective”), we would all have compulsory seven years of biology and physics and six years of chemistry – at a very high level for middle school. In IB, some of my current classmates get away with “Environmental Systems and Societies”, an interesting subject I believe, but one that is known to be used as easy way to get your science credit…
        But yes, then there is Creativity-Action-Service, Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge…which maybe Czech schools should try and Czechland would be a better place 🙂

  24. liking your blog. I’m also a prague expat blogger. There are so few of us feels like. I’m over at materurbium.com. If you like my posts, consider following 🙂 I will follow yours as well.

  25. Emily

    Hey, i’m a girl in czechland too! Where are you living?? I’m in Trutnov:)

    xxx Emily

    • girlinczechland

      Hello Emily,

      My exact whereabouts are secret but I live somewhere in Prague 7. Drop me an email if you fancy meeting up!


  26. MA

    Thank you for writing your blog. I have recently met a Czech living state side, and am very interested in learning more about his culture and customs.

  27. amy

    your blog is very helpful. I am about to move to prague as well. and yes, I fall in love and yes, I am following back czech guy too!

  28. Shimi

    Great blog , vtipné postřehy, bavím se, thank you 🙂

    • girlinczechland

      Hey Shimi,
      Glad you like the blog and find my observations witty. It’s always nice to have positive feedback.
      Hope you keep reading!

  29. Dan

    Bookmarking! Such a truthful blog.
    It would be nice to write something about czech scientists, e.g. Otto Wichterle, inventor of contact lenses, Nobel Prize winners Jaroslav Heyrovský and Jaroslav Seifert or Prokop Diviš, who first constructed grounded lightning rod (B. Franklin firstly constructed lightning rod without grounding that didn’t work very well so the Diviš should be more well-known).
    *sorry for my english*

    • girlinczechland

      Hello Dan,

      Thanks a lot for your lovely comment. There have been many great discoveries spearheaded by Czechs in the scientific realm so who knows – a blog on Czech Nobel prize winners might well be on the cards. Watch this space…


    • Its very interesting to read your reaction at our culture. Your sentence: “all aspects of Czech life which has proved to be both frustrating and delightful – but always fascinating.” hit the point :). Have you ever visit another big city except Prague? 🙂

  30. Stepanka

    Hi, I like your blog very much even if I´m czech 🙂 Some of your observations are so funny and true. With some of them I disagree because I´m a big vlastenec 😉 but then I stop and say : Oh girl, you love your nation so much you don´t want to hear an inconvenient truth! I love your point of view, I realy do 🙂 Keep writing for us and foreigners…
    P.S. However we ARE brave nation, we have always been! 😀

  31. Beník

    Ahoj, my name is Beník, I am an Irishman who’s dating a Czech girl that I met some years ago whilst on Erasmus.
    I am wondering of the consequences of moving to Czechland to live near her.
    I’m wondering mostly about work as I have nice Práce here in Ireland and I have an MA in music and things like this. Would you recommend the leap? I’m trying to convince her to come to Irishland too.

    A very unsure Irishman,

    • girlinczechland

      Hello Ben,

      I would recommend the leap but no doubt I am biased as things worked out for me. Would you be prepared to teach TEFL? The market is competitive these days but intelligent folk with decent interpersonal skills who treat it like a proper job (and don’t roll up half an hour late stinking of beer first thing in the morning – it happens) will always find work. Then you could see how things go and see if there are any better options when you’re actually here on the ground as I did.

      I think Prague is a fantastic place to live (as I’m always saying in the posts) but of course the decision to move depends on your individual circumstances and your feelings for Czech Girl! Good luck with whatever you decide anyway.


  32. Karel

    hi there, i’m czech and my wife’s canadian and we’re having some fun over your blog, so thx for sharing! just a note about those car-pushing taxi drivers at the airport: in fact, you’ll see them all the time doing that. it’s their way how to save few drops of fuel. since it’s quite green (though not intentionally), you just may want to let them do it …

    • girlinczechland

      Hello Karel,

      I had no idea that the reason behind pushing those taxis was actually to save fuel! You Czechs — so thrifty! 😉


  33. Prokop

    Hi GIC,

    I’ve just found out your blog and I love it! Even though I was born and raised in Prague I already travelled a bit and I discovered that one of the most important things I do care about is that all the expats living here feel good and love the city as much as I do. Maybe it’s because when you’re born here, it’s not matter of choice, but when you make a decision to live here and enjoy it, it somehow makes me proud and responsible as well. Responsible in the way that it is also my responsibility to keep the city open and nice and warmth for you (and me as well) to be enjoyable to live in.

    I’ll keep watching your blog and I hope you’ll keep up a good work!

    Thanks one more time, you made my day 😉


    • girlinczechland

      Hello Prokop,

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the blog — it’s nice to know that locals find it interesting as well as other expats (the ultimate compliment I think)! Any postive feedback I receive inspires me to keep writing so please stay tuned for more slices of Ms Girlova’s take on your home city.

      Happy St Nicolas Day!


  34. Waclar

    Well done Ms Girlova,
    i usually dont read blogs much, but you got some free publicity from my news web aktualne.cz and it brought me here. I just spent about 4 hrs reading your posts, partially because im homesick, partially because im procrastinating, but mostly because you kick ass (duh!). Its nice to see somebody picking your own culture appart and make a well tailored fun of it (even nicer to see that somebody actually cares). Just dont be so anal about the misusing of “Czech”, i mean come on, you know how lazy we are and you really expect us to pronounce “Czechland” or “THE Czech Republic” every single time we want to talk about our glorious country?

    Anyway thank you for a fair bit of fun and wish you a lot more bizzare Czech encounters in the future.

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