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Where Do Zombies Like to Go Swimming? Girl in Czechland returns…

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Last night I went to the pub. For the Prague Bloggers Rally. Now this event, organised by Mr Prague Pig, brings together bloggers based in the Czech capital who write in English for a chat over a few alcoholic beverages.

You could argue, with some justification, that I didn’t deserve to be there at all. Given that my last post was in December 2013.

“Either post tomorrow or take it down from the server,” a pub companion advised me. I decided to listen.

So here I am.

What have I been up to during my long absence? Well, still enjoying life in Czechland with Czechman. As for example, in the photo at the top of the post.

Where could it be? I hear you ask. Marbella? The Costa del Sol? Perhaps a sunny beach in Croatia? No, no, and no. This is a beach in the Czech Republic.

I see the puzzled expression on your face. I know that the last time you looked at a map of Europe, the Czech Repubic was a landlocked country. That means no sea — and therefore no beaches.

That’s where you’re wrong. You see, while Czechland might not have any coastline, it still has sandy stretches by water thanks to certain lakes like the one in the picture.

If you weren’t able to tell which country I was in, the picture below should leave you in no doubt:


Why not follow a healthy, invigorating swim in the lake with a tasty sausage or a domácí langoš?

Of course you’re going to. Because this is Czechland.

Ever the rebelka, I had an ice-cream instead.

It might seem like I’m poking fun at the whole concept so let me make myself clear: I had fun on our day out to the Czech beach. I have to thank the Czech Republic for introducing me to the delights of outdoor swimming. This lake, near Pardubice, was pretty clean. There’s something refreshing and exotic for an English lady about gliding through the water with only sky above you especially on a hot day in July. I recommend it.

For the truly adventurous though, there are nudist beaches. Girl in Czechland has not quite managed to work up the courage to test out that experience — although Czechman says he would be willing to give it a try so long as it was just him and hundred hot girls. Ach jo.


In case you’re wondering where zombies like to go for a dip, the answer is obvious…


Hilarious, eh?


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