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All Czechs are Artists: Uličnicka Galerie

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-It’s been ages since you wrote a new post Ms Girlova!

-Yes, I know, I know. I do feel quite guilty about it. Sometimes life just gets in the way…

-Hmm, sounds like an excuse to me.

-And now I’m off to England for my sister’s wedding.

-Aww, that’s nice. Are you going to be a bridesmaid?

-Not a chance. Do you know how old I am? Oh no, of course you don’t. Because this blog is anonymous isn’t it? And that means my identity is top secret.

-If you say so. Anyway, hadn’t you better get to the point? What’s this new post all about?

-On my wanderings the other day in Holesovice I spotted this quirky little street art gallery! You know what they say – all Czechs are artists.

-Do they? Prague certainly has its fair share of grafitti: perhaps making a few blackboards and some coloured chalk out on the street like this is an exercise in crime prevention rather than fostering creativity.

-You’re so cynical.

-Anyway, I do hope that you’re not just going to stick up a few photos before you dash off to the airport and call it a blogpost?

-Would I ever do a thing like that?

(A proper post will follow soon loyal readers, I promise! If I don’t finish packing before Czechman gets home I’m a dead woman…)

Street Gallery

The Little Street Art Gallery, Dukelských hrdinů street, Holesovice


Love Don't Hurt

This statement may be gramatically incorrect but we must presume it was heartfelt.


Entrance to squat

This hole isn’t art. It’s the entrance to a squat located in the same building as the little street art gallery. I would have crawled inside to have a look but I wasn’t brave enough. Hey, this blog is all about whimsy not investigative journalism!


Life, love, Czechland

I couldn’t pass by without indulging in a little shameless self promotion. Life, love and Czechland forever!





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