Liberty, Equality and a disposable camera: the Migrant Visions Project

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disposable cameraRemember this thing? Yes, it’s a disposable camera – once an essential piece of kit for any holiday, now an amusing retro artifact occasionally seen left scattered around the dining tables at weddings so that guests can take blurry shots of each other in various stages of inebriation.

Ahem. Anyway, even in the digital age, the humble disposable camera can play a role in a significant international artistic project – such as the latest international photographic exhibition to hit Prague, Migrant Visions.

The idea behind the event is simple: take foreigners of different ages and from different walks of life in three European cities – Cluj, Munich and Prague – and give them a disposable camera with which to record their own unique perspective on the place which they’ve adopted as their home. Oh yes, and in case that weren’t interesting enough in itself, chuck in a theme for the participants to use as inspiration: liberty, equality and fraternity.

As dedicated readers will know, this blog attempts to be a sideways view of life from a foreigner’s perspective, so it seems appropriate that I give a bit of free publicity to a project which has the same aim – albeit in images rather than words.

So, here goes.  If you happen to be in the Czech capital between now and June 29th, do stop by the foyer of the National Technical Library in Dejvice and take a look at the ninety pictures on display. The quality is generally very good indeed given the rather low-tech equipment the migrants were given to work with and the project’s aim is a laudable one: to promote cross-cultural understanding.

Hurrah for that.


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3 Responses to Liberty, Equality and a disposable camera: the Migrant Visions Project

  1. I may have to try and drop by. I really miss my film camera over here. I didn’t miss it much, but though I use digital and love Photoshop lightroom and all the rest of it, I still think there’s nothing more authentic than film. It really should be left to the hipsters to fly the flag.

  2. Richardinprague

    Thanks for the “Heads up” about the exhibition. I usually drive past on my way home, so can easily drop in.

    Funnily enough, I was just thinking about disposable cameras this morning! I think it was because some of my earlies pictures of Prague (including the 2002 flooding) were taken on a disposable camera.

    Good idea to leave them out at parties … just as long as you get some of them back!

    • girlinczechland

      Hello Rob and Richard,

      Just wondering if you made it to the exhibition in the end? If so, what were your thoughts?


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