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5 reasons I’m looking forward to winter in Czechland

Recently I was fortunate enough to be whisked away for a romantic weekend by Czechman to a top-secret location in the Jizera mountains. We even stayed in a hotel with a wellness as we say in Czechlish: I believe the correct … Continue reading


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A Giant Alien Ray Gun and Some Camels: Commuting in Prague

commute 1. travel to and from one’s daily work, usually in a city, especially by car or train 2. change (a judicial sentence etc) to another less severe. According to Joe Moran’s wonderfully entertaining piece of pop-sociology, Queuing for Beginners, the … Continue reading


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10 Tiny Slices of Girl In Czechland

After my previous Very Serious Post About the C word, I’ve decided to regale you all with something a little more lighthearted. Cue one of those list posts that allegedly herald the death of  journalism. (A thought – can’t I … Continue reading


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