Girl in Czechland takes off in October’s Easyjet magazine

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As you’ve hopefully realised by now, I’m not one to brag. Honest. But there’s something I can’t resist sharing with you all.

Girl in Czechland has written a column for this month’s edition of  Traveller: the free magazine you’ll find stowed away next to the sick bag (also free) should you be flying with Easyjet this October.

You needn’t reach forty thousand feet to enjoy more of my musings though: I picked up a copy (well, actually around six) on my way home from The Big Fat English Wedding I recently attended.

The Village People are very impressed – despite not being able to actually read the text in question due to their lack of English. Czechman, however, is more skeptical. His comments included ” it’s not as good as your blog posts” and that “your usual readers won’t really be interested”.

Judge for yourselves below.

He’s still a bit cross about me revealing some of his secrets in a recent interview I did recently with a Czech magazine – while wearing a wig and sunglasses to protect my secret identity, naturally. Ah well. More of that in November once it actually appears in print.

Let me also say hello to those of you who’ve discovered Girl in Czechland for the first time recently. I’m loving reading all the comments you’ve left, even if I haven’t had a chance to reply. And if you’d like to buy me a coffee using the widget on the sidebar, I’d be most grateful.  The Village People nearly fainted with shock when I told them that there are people out there who would actually do such a thing – as did I. Anyway, a very big thank you once again to all of you who read and enjoy my ramblings.  Has it really been three years since I started sharing my words of, ahem, wisdom with cyberspace? I do believe it has.

God, this is beginning to sound like an Oscar speech. But it’s true what they say: time really does fly when you’re having fun. Being a Girl in Czechland certainly has been entertaining – for me and hopefully for all of you too.

Until next time, nashledanou!



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18 Responses to Girl in Czechland takes off in October’s Easyjet magazine

  1. I disagree with Czechman, very good article!

    Also, I just noticed you listed my blog Acting Abroad over here, thank you very much! How very kind of you, made my day. 🙂

  2. E.

    I’m always so psyched to see a new Girl in Czechland post; this really is my favourite blog. (The article is great, too!)

  3. Congrats on getting such great exposure for your truly awesome blog. 3 years?? No way, I have been with you since the beginning, and must I say, congrats, you make a great read.

    On the other hand, I must agree with Czechman (myself being one), your regular texts are much better, I did not like the article all that much. It seems too compressed, too constrained, like you tried to fit your regular style combined with too many recomendations without any visible personal relation to those places.

  4. Show off!

    Or should that be ‘Show-off!’?

  5. Mike Williams via Facebook

    Great article, nicely written. Nice return to “like”.

  6. ON a related note, Easyjet got some nice free publicity this week when Mr Jeremy “Irons as in Lolita” Forrest returned on one of their aircraft in handcuffs to the UK. At least his handcuffs will not have spoiled his enjoyment of the in-flight cuisine on Easy, since, if memory serves, it is pretty minimal.

    Not that that is such a heavy criticism – even on the prestigious “national” airlines these days on EU internal flights the most you can expect is a “sandwich” which often turns out to be a muffin or a bag of peanuts. The Earl of Sandwich would be most insulted to see what time has made of his immortal battlefield invention!

  7. Knedlikova

    Wow!! I am impressed!! :)))

  8. mia

    Congratulations on publishing your article in an Easyjet magazine. 🙂 It must feel great to get your writing on the old fashioned paper for all to read. (albeit I read a scanned copy)
    I am not sure if I am the only one that noticed a small spelling mistake in your article – a ‘u’ missing in a tea drinking establishment’s name (U zlateho kohouta) 😉 Most probably an oversight of a publishing editor. Keep up the good work and good luck with your future endeavours.

  9. Congratulations GIC – Despite what Czechman says, I am one of your regular readers who is interested!

    Further to my comment on a previous post, this time I did get an email alerting me to this new post of yours. So it seems that the technical problem has been resolved.

  10. ZuzanaTau

    Hello GIC!

    I just discovered your blog and can’t stop laughing! Me and my husband are currently sick, so spending time in bed reading your posts seems to be the best cure. 🙂 We both are chuckling. 🙂

    I can imagine living in the CZ can be both tough and entertaining.

    Looking forward to your next posts,
    Zuzka a Honza

    • girlinczechland

      Hello Zuzana,

      Nice to hear that the blog has curative powers! I also am suffering from a cold (boo!) which is why I’ve been so rubbish at responding to comments generally – sorry readers 🙁

      Fortunately living in the Czech Republic is more entertaining than it is tough – honest!

      A big get well soon to both of you 🙂


  11. Cornfeuille

    What does “Republike” means? Could you explain, please?

  12. Hello!! Congratulations!

    When i was travelling to lisbon (in the last week) i read your article, and it has enabled me to remind my visit ten years ago to Praga. A wonderful city!! Thanks for the excelents Tips.

  13. I missed out on this, as for the first time since October 2006, I stayed with friends in Belgium, next October I return to Prague for my ‘pat on the back, I’ve stayed sober for another year’ break. glad I never saw it…even though I don’t know you, I feel I do, through your blog, & would have screamed “fuckin’ ‘ell!” at the top of my voice on the plane! Hope they paid well, or you got a free flight! 😉

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