Why Greece is the new Croatia and Albania is the new Greece

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Hello everyone.

As you perhaps guessed from the above title, I’m on my holidays again. In Greece. We chose a different island this time but apart from that, it differs very little from last year in its essentials: sun, beach, good food and of course, peace and quiet.

Greece might be the new Croatia because it’s becoming super popular with Czechs – so much so that the owner of our apartments knows more Czech than many expats living in Prague. I guess it’s all about cornering that emerging market.

We took the ferry to Albania the other day. It would like to be Greece but the beaches aren’t quite as nice and the development along the waterfront is depressingly obvious. At least I got to make lots of spoilt and western cafe visits without having to endure any moaning from Czechman – even he couldn’t grumble at the prices there.

So this is a typically longwinded way of getting around to saying that I won’t be saying anything for a while as I’ll be working on my tan. I flatter myself of course that anyone cares. I feel like I’ve been pumping out rubbish on here recently but perhaps that’s just my overly harsh inner critic talking.

Anyway. Bye for now – or should that be yassou?


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10 Responses to Why Greece is the new Croatia and Albania is the new Greece

    • Silvia

      Hi Jerry
      was in Albania this year and two years ago too, it’s perfectly safe, anyway, most of the tourists are only in big towns and tourists destinations…etc. We went to north west part of Albania, visited small villages (felt like travelling in time) and never had any “unsafe” experience.
      For GIC: I also don’t like most new developments there, apparently most of them are without permission. Few years ago government took down some buildings built without planning permission in Ksamili, as warning. So hope it will improve in future. For me, Albania is soooo fascinating, communist history is like nothing seen anywhere else, Museum of History in Tirana is certainly worth a visit!!!! I realised how lucky we all were not to live there!!!

  1. Richardinprague

    Hi Girl!

    You’ve not been pumping out rubbish … your postings are always interesting and usually spur me into action 🙂 You’ve had a tough year and you need to relax and regenerate, so why not work on your tan?

    I envy you – you’re enjoying the Greek islands, and I’m being dragged off to India by my Czechgirl – 41 degrees and monsoon due to hit next week!

    Take care … both of you!

  2. Sarka

    Good luck with your tan!

    We get tanned anyway here in South Moravia, it has been sunny and terribly hot the last week or so.

    PS: as I was informed recently, the skin cancer occurs most of the times on nose and neck!

  3. Sarka

    or probably not “tanned” but “suntanned” after checking the online dictionary…

    • girlinczechland

      Hello Sarka,

      Don’t worry, on this occasion the online dictionary has it wrong (or at least as far as I’m concerned). We *do* use ‘tanned’ as a verb in this context.

      Ahoj for now,


  4. Hi GIC,

    I agree entirely with Richard above – you haven’t been pumping out rubbish recently. It is your ‘overly harsh inner critic talking’, as you suggest.

    Enjoy your holiday, work on your tan, enjoy the good food, together with the peace and quiet. I look forward to a new post once you are back in Czechland.

  5. Mike in Bohemia

    Hi GIC,
    Enjoy your holidays. Your blog is great. Not an ounce of rubbish to be found.

    • girlinczechland

      Hi everyone,

      Many thanks for your kind comments. I’ll have to keep this brief as Czechman is already accusing me of being an internet geek so I’ll just say a big ‘ahoj’ for now. You will, of course, be hearing a lot more from me on my return to Prague.


  6. Pavel

    Nice holidays, refresh your blogger powers, your czech audience is waiting !!

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