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Why Greece is the new Croatia and Albania is the new Greece

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Hello everyone.

As you perhaps guessed from the above title, I’m on my holidays again. In Greece. We chose a different island this time but apart from that, it differs very little from last year in its essentials: sun, beach, good food and of course, peace and quiet.

Greece might be the new Croatia because it’s becoming super popular with Czechs – so much so that the owner of our apartments knows more Czech than many expats living in Prague. I guess it’s all about cornering that emerging market.

We took the ferry to Albania the other day. It would like to be Greece but the beaches aren’t quite as nice and the development along the waterfront is depressingly obvious. At least I got to make lots of spoilt and western cafe visits without having to endure any moaning from Czechman – even he couldn’t grumble at the prices there.

So this is a typically longwinded way of getting around to saying that I won’t be saying anything for a while as I’ll be working on my tan. I flatter myself of course that anyone cares. I feel like I’ve been pumping out rubbish on here recently but perhaps that’s just my overly harsh inner critic talking.

Anyway. Bye for now – or should that be yassou?


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Bingo! Some thoughts about flag-waving, nostalgia and the Diamond Jubilee

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I’m feeling less than jubilant about her Majesty’s Jubilee. My feelings towards the British monarchy are ambivalent. This may come as a surprise to my readers as they have seen my recent collection of Royal themed mugs which I personally sourced in secondhand shops during my recent trip back home but there you are. You see, I think the Windsors are an anachronism. It depresses me that many of those lining the streets to celebrate her sixty years on the throne are unable to explain why exactly we need a Queen in the 21st century – apart from perhaps to attract a bit of additional revenue from tourism. Neither though does the idea of a President Cameron appeal.

Like I said, it’s complicated.

Watching all that Union Jack waving, even from the safe distance of Central Europe, got me thinking about nostalgia and the things that you miss when living abroad. It’s only just occurred to me since everyone with a British passport took it upon themselves to organise tea parties that there’s one old fashioned Granny pursuit I’ve never seen here in Czechland: bingo. Now there’s a suitably tongue-in-cheek way to celebrate sixty years of Elizabeth’s II reign: organise a bingo night! Eyes down! Two little ducks, clickety click! Perhaps I could even raise a few crowns for charity!

Of course if I can’t be bothered to put any effort into putting together any sort of jubilee celebration, albeit an ironic one, I suppose I could have a go online. I’ve never gambled before so I’m just going to choose a site at random. Foxy Bingo has a catchy ring to it.

Don’t tell Czechman. He’ll never forgive me – even if I do win.


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