Another Czech kitsch mug for my collection

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No musings this time. Just a photo of a mug I picked up in a bazar as a gift for Czechman’s dad on his name day. Fishing is his main hobby but he already has plenty of mugs. Oh well, at least I tried.


The very witty slogan translates as something like, “Don’t drink the water. Spawn in it!”

How romantic.

I’m not feeling very well at present. Serves me right for boasting on here about being full of vitality. Anyway, thanks again for all your great links to top Czech tunes: I’ll work my way through them while recuperating. And we have a trip to The Village planned this weekend so that should give me something to blog about.

Until then, mej se!


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  1. Alena

    Actually, I think that the meaning of the slogan (if we are seeing all of it) is slightly different: “Do not drink water (as) fish spawn in it”…. (also “don’t drink” is misspelled, not sure if on purpose or if the mug was produced some place else, or… possibilities are endless, I suppose)

  2. J.

    I think it says “I spawn it it” although I cannot see the beginning of the sentence.

    • Michal Dvořák

      I’m pretty sure it says “třou se v ní” i.e. “(they) spawn it it”. It doesn’t say who spawns in it, but there aren’t that many options.

      • girlinczechland

        Hello Michal,

        It does indeed say “třou se v ní” as you suggest – sorry about the poor photography.

        The key question is does anyone think that Czechman’s dad might actually like to receive this as a gift on his name day? Answers on a postcard please…


    • #13

      No, it doesn’t say “třu”. It says “[ryby] se třou”.

  3. Mej se? Ano, meju se. Yes, I wash my hands every now and then. Thank you for the admonition, anyway.

    • girlinczechland

      Hello Vitsoft,

      Cheeky! At least you’ve reminded me why it’s important to bother to include those pesky little hačky


  4. john smith

    Sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling very well.

    In my limited experience of medical matters, a second opinion is well worth seeking – if you dont improve soon. Ask sooner rather than later!!!

    The NHS isnt always so bad.

    Good luck with it.

    • girlinczechland

      Aww thanks for your concern! I seemed to have perked up over the past few days (thanks no doubt in part to my village visit) so hopefully no second opinion will be required.


  5. richardinprague

    Hi Girl,

    Sorry I didn’t reply to the Czech Music posting – hadn’t heard any of those, but I have my own favourites.
    Also sorry that you’re not feeling 100% again – ach jo! Make sure Czechman takes good care of you 🙂
    Didn’t know you were a “Mug fiend”. Did you know about the Pottery market held in Beroun every spring and every autumn? Great fun – the entire town square and more is full of pottery stalls of all sorts. Next one is early September. Get Czechman to take you, and you’ll be able to stock up on the Christmas shopping early! I recommend you take the train unless you are an early bird – the parking spaces disappear very quickly! Look here for photos and details:

    All the best!

    • girlinczechland

      Hello Richard,

      Mug fiend! Well there’s a phrase – I love it! Thanks for the fantastic list of day trip suggestions you posted a while back: heading to one of them is guaranteed to give me new blog post material. I’ll defintely try to persuade Czechman to accompany to the pottery market too – I don’t think I’ve ever been to Beroun so that seems a good excuse.


  6. Sarka

    I hope you will get well soon (again) 🙂

  7. Jan

    It’s actually just less vulgar variation for “nepijte vodu, šukaj’ v ní ryby”, meaning “don’t drink water, fish fuck in it” :]

  8. Pavel

    Done! I finished reading your story from april 2009 (for my excuse I am not 100% voyeur but former proficient book reader who was depraved by internet).
    Keep it, it is really good, humurous, positive and intelligent.
    You are not alone in your battle with “rohliky” and “pani prodavacka”, but many of us simply give it up or retire to uderground and now we are fighting more like guerilla. Even Oldřich Janota in youtube video from your last blog entry(in comments) is singing about historic battles in czech “krám” .
    Meaning of sentence on your mug is : “don´t drink the water, fishes have sex in it”. You know, hygiene.
    Thanks for funny outlook to czech reality, I can say I am also happy there.

    • girlinczechland

      Hello Pavel,

      Glad you’ve found my life story as presented on the blog entertaining.

      Houskygate is one of the most popular posts I’ve written so far which I have mixed feelings about as it was basically just a rant I blasted out in an angry mood which then went viral. I do think learning Czech is important and that we foreign folk should keep trying to use it on the natives. It’s super rewarding when a) you manage to do something in Czech successfully like book a doctor’s appointment on the phone as I did this morning b) when people are complimentary about your Czech as the lady in the beauty salon was last week when I went for a facial – Czechman paid!

      Anyway, hope you keep reading – I’ll try to keep coming up with new entertaining tales of life in Czechland 😉


  9. #13

    I know this phrase in a more direct way: “Nepijte vodu, šukaj v ní ryby.” = “Don’t drink water, fish fuck in it.” 🙂

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