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Five highlights of my weekend with the Village People

More people find this blog by searching for “Village People” than more obvious search terms like “Prague” or “Czech”.  I suspect they may be trying to track down info on the 70s pop group who created disco classic ‘YMCA’ but hey, … Continue reading


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Another Czech kitsch mug for my collection

No musings this time. Just a photo of a mug I picked up in a bazar as a gift for Czechman’s dad on his name day. Fishing is his main hobby but he already has plenty of mugs. Oh well, at … Continue reading


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Five Czech tunes you must hear before you die

If music be the food of love, play on! Those are the words of Shakespeare. Who wasn’t Czech. As far as we know. I digress. Again. You want to get to know Czech culture better but haven’t yet mastered those … Continue reading


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Češi, máte pravdu! Six Things the Czechs Are Right About

- God, has it really been over a week since I lasted posted? Damn. Better come up with some of my usual, witty, whimsical observations about life and love in Czechland or else my readers will forget about me. – … Continue reading


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