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Czech Style Crimes Part I: The Headband

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As you will now be aware, I spent a significant amount of time this winter in a hospital bed.  On the upside, I missed much of this year’s super freeze.  However, it does mean that I didn’t get to write my planned blog post about cold weather headgear.

Time then for something a more lighthearted than my tales from the ward: a switch from matters medical to millinery.

Czechs are a practical bunch and they tend to favour the functional over the fashionable. Fair enough. But it is the very fact that Czechs pride themselves on being sensible when it comes to sartorial choices which makes their preference for one particular winter garment so puzzling.

The headband or čelenka as it’s known in these parts.  I ask you loyal readers – why?

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, here is Exhibit A.

What possible practical purpose is being served by this small piece of fabric? The lady in question will have toasty ears but what about the rest of her head? Doesn’t she want to keep her little grey cells warm? Or at least protect her scalp a little from hail or snowflakes?

It isn’t just the female half of the Czech population who are guilty of this style crime. Someone ought to tell this gentlemen that unlike a hat, wearing a headband doesn’t help hide the fact that you’re going a little thin on top:

It has been suggested to me that the reason Czechs prefer headbands is because they are less likely to interfere with your hairstyle.  Let me present further photographic evidence debunking this myth: 

Perhaps our model might benefit from having a hat to cover up her messy mop. I should know: it’s a trick I’ve used many times myself.

Czechs, you know one of the main points of my blog is poke fun at you in a friendly, affectionate manner. But really, I’m confused. Baffled. Mystified. Please help me to understand. Why on earth do you wear these things?

And what will Girl in Czechland be wearing on her noggin this season? Why, a bowler hat of course – complete with tight leather pants and high heels, just like this lady singled out for praise by the British edition of Grazia’s style pages.


There’s more chance of me knitting a neon pink čelenka than being seen wearing anything like this. People might mistake me for a streetwalker. Presuming of course, that I could manage to walk anywhere in those shoes.





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