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Czeching out Czechland: five less obvious day trips from Prague

Hurray for the recent sunshine! Sunshine plus spring plus a desire to escape Prague (or at least explore its edges) can only mean one thing: it’s daytrip time. If you have been here in Czechland for a while, you’ve probably … Continue reading


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Why I like living in the Czech Republic or my Prague-ivesary

Back in Britain, 2012 is full of big events and anniversaries: the Olympics, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. This month is special for me because it marks my third year in Czechland. Let’s call it my Prague-iversary. I didn’t come here … Continue reading


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In Praise of Czech Cuisine: 5 reasons to love dining in Czechland

I am a food terrorist – or so Czechman claims. He has begged me to stop serving up meaty stews cooked in my shiny new slow cooker and big slabs of cake baked from recipes given to me by his … Continue reading


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One World (Jeden Svět) Human Rights Film Festival 2012: Mama Illegal

When I was contacted and asked to be a reviewer for the One World Human Rights Film Festival, I gladly agreed. However, when the opening sequence of Mama Illegal, my chosen documentary began, I couldn’t prevent the following thought flitting … Continue reading


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Czech mums are Supermums: another weekend with The Village People

In Czechland, doctors often send their patients to a spa to recuperate. I opted to go to stay with the Village People (aka Czechman’s parents) instead. Why? Because I knew I would get plenty of sympathy after my recent adventures … Continue reading


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