A hilarious post about Anglo-Czech relations at Christmas

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This was supposed to be a sidesplittingly funny post about Czechman and Ms Girlova’s different views on how a proper Christmas ought to be.

Let’s turn our attention to Disagreement #1: The Christmas Tree.

When I was growing up, we used the same plastic one every year until my mum decided to buy one of those fancy fibre optic ones which precluded the need for fairylights.

I digress.

When he was Czechboy, my beloved had a genuine pine tree in the corner of the living room. Now he’s Czechman, only the real deal will do. A fake fir will only enter our home over his proverbial dead body.

The photo which makes up the last post is an attempt at compromise.  Czechman’s mum gave us some fir branches which you can see I’ve placed in a vase and gone to a good deal of trouble to make as festive as possible with decorations both handmade and shop-bought. The orange spiral is my first ever circular bit of crochet.  These days I am quite the happy hooker.

I digress again.

Anyway, my silly blog then went and decided to publish the photo of my festive arrangement by itself! If you’ve been following Girl in Czechland you will know that I would never publish a post without including any words.

I started to lose my temper with all things tech-related. My creative mojo had packed its bags and fled.  Without that initial spark of inspiration, all I’m capable of producing is this poor excuse of a post. Sorry.

Still it isn’t all bad. There has barely been a single flake of snow this year which is good news for someone who spends all winter living in fear of death by falling icicle. I also took some nice snaps of signs that that Prague can still look festive even without the white stuff. This lovely golden mistletoe is on sale outside the church near Jindřišská along with – yes, you guessed it – Christmas trees:


Speaking of trees, this little knitted stromeček is all my own work. Not impressed? At least it won’t shed pine needles all over the carpet.


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11 Responses to A hilarious post about Anglo-Czech relations at Christmas

  1. Sarka

    Christmas in the Czech Republic without a genuine coniferous tree?? How sad 🙂 It smells so nice. But I must admit a vase of branches smells good too. Well, the trees shed needles, but that belongs to Christmas.

    Maybe you can take turns, once with a real tree, next time with… anything else… a plastic one for example. Or you can try a little fir in a flowerpot and in spring plant it in a reserved area in the woods – it’s an ecological trend here in the CR. You can buy these firs.

    The knitted stromeček is really nice. I wouldn’t be able to produce anything like that. Maybe just a scarf that is narrower and narrower till one of its ends.

  2. I would definitely go for a plastic ones with some natural stuff for it to smell right, that’s all… Cutting trees so happily doesn’t seems okay to me… Most of them end up in the garbage right after Xmas…

    • girlinczechland

      Hi Emilio,

      I know what you mean about the waste issue but can’t they be recycled?

      If we do get a proper tree of some sort, I’ll be knitting more decorations though 😉


    • honza

      Well, this is heresy for most Czech people. Genuine natural tree is the only option for most. Not only pine but also spruce or fir. That’s a must at Christmas. And don’t worry about the trees being cut. Christmas trees are grown for this purpose, often under long-distance mains where nothing else can grow due to the height limit.
      And recently, you can buy fantastic trees at IKEA and if you return them after Christmas, you get a discount and your tree is properly recycled into something useful.

  3. girlinczechland

    Hello Sarka,

    I actually wouldn’t mind having a real tree all that much but Czechman thinks it’s a waste of money as we’re going to his parents’ place for the big day itself 🙁 Still, I’m working on him so we’ll see.

    As for the knitted tree, it’s really not that difficult I promise – and much quicker than a scarf (it took me less than an hour). I got the pattern for free on Ravelry – czech it out (groan!) if you’re really into stitching and bitching:


    It’s a bit like Facebook for knitters. Anyway, ahoj for now


  4. Hi GIC,

    Sorry you’ve been having technical problems with your blog. It also seems to load rather slowly at present when I visit.

    I’m a great believer in real Christmas trees – none of these artificial ones. Yes they make a bit of mess but cleaning up after removing the tree at the end of the Christmas season usually makes us have a bigger clean-up of the whole flat which is no bad thing.

    A couple of weeks ago, I had a complaint/compliment about your blog – you could take it either way. A Czech female friend of mine who is a fluent English speaker, (she makes a living as a translator & interpreter), visited my blog & then followed my link to yours. She told me she then spent about three hours reading all your posts, killing herself with laughter but as a result, lost an afternoon of working time!

    Wishing both you & Czechman a Happy Christmas.

    • girlinczechland

      Hi Ricky,

      Always nice to read your comments – especially when they inform me that my blog has a new admirer! That’s always music to my ears.

      We finally have a real Christmas tree at last! It’s a bit on the small side but I’m not complaining: at least now I have somewhere proper to put presents instead of under the TV.

      A very happy Christmas to you also,


  5. MikeInBohemia

    This made me chuckle GIC as I (Brit) have the same argument with my Czech wife every Advent about having a plastic tree that doesnt drop needles.
    Czechs cannot stop traditions, their hearts would stop, so I give in every year. Also we get a free real tree from one of my bosses every year, so I have no excuse.
    Keep sane. Mike.

  6. Michael

    I’m not committed either way…I grew up with real trees..but have a fake one now. My Czech wife grew up with real ones…and we’ve had a real one together…but she now prefers fake trees. For me it’s about the cost…trees are expensive….the wife did put up the tree WAY to early last year (November 23rd). This year she’s waiting until the more traditional 23rd or 24th of December.

    Still without snow? I see Karlovy Vary got hammered today.

    • girlinczechland

      Hello Michael,
      Big news at the Girl in Czechlandovi house: we have a *real* Christmas tree! It’s a bit on the small side but I haven’t actually said that to Czechman as he bought it to placate me after I whinged about the flat not looking festive enough.
      As for the cost issue, it turns out that Czechman’s Dad always goes to the local forest and helps himself to one of the pines! Is that an option for you where you are?

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