Girl in Czechland takes a break

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It has been a while.  Again.  Sorry.

I’ve had my clever opening sentence in my head for a while. “A blog is never finished, only abandoned.” 

Wait – isn’t that meant to be a poem?

So I’m still here in Czechland.  My tax rebate was considerable but not considerable enough to finance a spring break in the Bahamas.  That’s ok: I turn pink and peel when exposed to bright sunlight for prolonged periods. 

The reasons for my silence? Overwork is certainly one. These posts take longer to bang out than you might think.

Then I’ve also been wondering just what the point is of carrying on with the blog. When I started out, I’d only lived here for a few months and so it was always easy to find material as everything was new and fresh.  I’m far from being integrated, but it’s getting harder to see Czechland through a stranger’s eyes. 

So for this reason, I’ve decided to have a summer break.  I’m sure I will post again, but I’m not sure when.

Before I go off on my sabbatical, I’d like to bring the following article to your attention which did cause me no end of amusement. It’s official ladies: Czech men really do it better. I particularly like reasons 9, 10 and 3 (I have previously referred to Czechman’s thriftiness many times) but couldn’t possibly comment on reason 6!

On that note, bye for now – or should I say, nashledanou


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9 Responses to Girl in Czechland takes a break

  1. I just wanted to let you know that your blog is pretty awesome. I’ve lived in Prague for a while now and I’ve always enjoyed receiving your blog posts in my email. I read them all. You have a good sense of humor and interesting topics. I think it kinda sucks that as you’re getting more integrated, hence you find less to talk about, but I completely understand (I feel that way too for the most part). Hope to hear from you again some time 😀 Cau!

    • girlinczechland

      Hi Kristina,
      Yes, I suppose that it’s good news on a personal level that I’m getting more integrated but bad for the blog perhaps! Still, as I was writing replies to comments yesterday I could feel some new ideas brewing so perhaps my sabbatical will turn into a mini-break. Watch this space!

  2. Zu

    Hi there, former lurker here. I’m not the type to comment, but I just thought that I’ll let you know your blog is one of the funniest and most interesting out there. I’m a Czech girl, but because of my cosmopolitan parents, I’ve been exposed to a great measure of foreign influences from my early childhood, and I’ve always had this ambivalent feeling about Czechs and their mentality, but beacause I’ve lived there, I’ve never found out where does it come from 🙂 But your posts sums up it pretty well, my absoute favorites is the “Houskygate” trailed by “Village People”. So please, keep up the good work (but it’s okay to take a break occasionally :)))

    • girlinczechland

      Hey there Zu,
      Thanks a lot for the friendly feedback. The pain of Houskygate still burns but I’ll never forget that any number after 5 takes the genitive plural 😉 You live and learn…

  3. Gareth

    Don’t leave us, I regularly check your blog as it always makes me laugh and being an English guy with a Czech partner, it makes for very interesting reading!! Come back!!!!

  4. Veronika

    I love your blog! Mainly because I`m CZ by birth and have always wanted to return to my fatherland…..throught your blog I am able to live through your experiences. Keep the posts coming….please!!!!!!

  5. Jim

    Hi Girl in Czechland. Sorry to see the blog go. I read everything you’ve written. I’m one who has commented in the past most notably with the list of 10 things that are great about living in Czech. I’ve decided that it isn’t fair that I read so many blogs and only offer comments. I realized that I needed to give back. So I started a blog about my travels with my 10 and 12 year old sons.
    I love the kitschy backgrounds they offer on these blog creating websites.

    Just a little background: I lived in Prague from 9\93 to 11\96 and worked as an architect on among other things, Ruzyne airport. I met a Czech girl, got married, moved to the US for work and had the kids and now return every summer to visit. Well… she had the kids. The boys speak Czech quite well but I’m losing my language skills.

    My feeling is that you just ran out of time or started taking the comments too seriously. There is always something to say about Prague and the Czech Republic. I must admit that life there becomes much more predictable than in the UK or US but it is usually a good predictability.

    Here’s some funny Czech things you could write about:
    Czechs get all weepy when “country roads” by John Denver is played.
    Czech people have a problem with leaving food out uncovered all afternoon.
    Wow! those guys had the street all torn up with a hole 30 meters deep last week and it’s already filled in and paved over this week after those guys worked around the clock.
    Wow! that other hole has been here going on 5 years with one of those job shacks that look like a reused shipping container sitting out in the middle of Prague.
    Why is it I can inadvertently walk with my kids into the middle of an all-out military style paint ball war with a dozen guys dressed in camo and monstrous guns and not be intimidated in the least?
    Why would any Czech person actually go to a Starbucks?
    How the heck did that woman who gave us directions last year in the middle of nowhere in the hills around Decin learn to speak perfect English?

    I’m just trying to be funny. I don’t want to pressure you to continue the blog. Thanks for the good blog.

  6. misunka

    YEAH GIC keep posting, please, even for us, Czechs, who have lived abroad, it is very interesting to read this and sometimes even realize through the “strangers eyes” why are some things as they are and we do not understand why 🙂

  7. GIC,
    I want to let you know that your blog has been a source of inspiration for me. I am 20 year-old American guy, but my father is czech, and my grandfather lives there. I have been there numerous times during the summers and i never want to leave.

    Due to the right-by-blood law, I am able to claim a dual citizenship. I would love nothing more than to live in czech republic in the future years after i graduate college here and I can afford the move. It is enlightening to see someone taking so much from a little country, rich in culture.

    Your blog was one of the first I have read, and since stumbling upon it (a few months ago) I have tried to read as much as I can in chronological order. Since reading your blog I have started my own where I can express my thoughts. I made a wordpress, used your same theme, and tried to be as true to myself as I can in its development. I lack your gift with words, and refined english, but I do what I can.

    You have inspired me so much into blogging, and have made me want to moved to czech when I can. I sort of need your experiences to help me learn in my future. perhaps you can revise what you write about in czech. It would disappoint me if you were to stop. talk about czech as an insider, what does it have going? what are the problems? whats being worked on? a slight political approach perhaps. daily life in czech is beautiful. Please do not stop your blog!


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