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Girl in Czechland takes a break

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It has been a while.  Again.  Sorry.

I’ve had my clever opening sentence in my head for a while. “A blog is never finished, only abandoned.” 

Wait – isn’t that meant to be a poem?

So I’m still here in Czechland.  My tax rebate was considerable but not considerable enough to finance a spring break in the Bahamas.  That’s ok: I turn pink and peel when exposed to bright sunlight for prolonged periods. 

The reasons for my silence? Overwork is certainly one. These posts take longer to bang out than you might think.

Then I’ve also been wondering just what the point is of carrying on with the blog. When I started out, I’d only lived here for a few months and so it was always easy to find material as everything was new and fresh.  I’m far from being integrated, but it’s getting harder to see Czechland through a stranger’s eyes. 

So for this reason, I’ve decided to have a summer break.  I’m sure I will post again, but I’m not sure when.

Before I go off on my sabbatical, I’d like to bring the following article to your attention which did cause me no end of amusement. It’s official ladies: Czech men really do it better. I particularly like reasons 9, 10 and 3 (I have previously referred to Czechman’s thriftiness many times) but couldn’t possibly comment on reason 6!

On that note, bye for now – or should I say, nashledanou


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