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Christmas in Czechland Part II: A Beginner’s Guide

  So I’ve survived my first Czech Christmas. I didn’t fall out with Czechman or choke to death on a stray carp bone.  In fact, I actually quite enjoyed myself.  Anyway, I have decided to compile a handy beginner’s guide to Christmas here in Czechland … Continue reading


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Christmas in Czechland Part I: The Carp Sellers

How can you tell Christmas is coming when you live in Czechland?  The appearence of the carp sellers.  No need to consult Delia Smith on how best to deal with a 15kg turkey you know you needn’t have bothered buying: in Czechland, … Continue reading


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Girl in Winter Wonder (Czech) land

  ‘So what are you going to write about this time?  Snow in Prague?’ said Czechman a moment ago as he came to take away my empty mug of tea. ‘Umm, yes,’ I reply. ‘No-one will be interested.’ Oh well.  I have to … Continue reading


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