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Houskygate Part II

In the interests of balance, I returned to That Bakery and again attempted to buy my five bread rolls,  just to see what would happen. Thanks to the readers of this blog, I now know that I should have asked for ‘pět housek’ rather than ‘pět … Continue reading


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I decline to decline: why trying to speak Czech can sometimes feel like a waste of time

I think I’m going to call the incident ‘Houskygate’. All I wanted was five bread rolls. That’s not strictly true. What I actually wanted was four bread rolls, but that would have involved saying the word ‘čtyři’ which all foreigners … Continue reading


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Culture shock or culture shiver? Eight tiny ways the Czechs do things differently

I wonder if it is possible to experience true culture shock within Europe these days.  The answer, I suspect, is no.  However, there are those tiny little differences that serve as a reminder you’re in a foreign land.  A bit like when … Continue reading


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English or Czechlish? Seven deadly sins committed by Czech speakers of English.

Look! I found mushrooms! Perhaps my soul is Czech after all! Anyway, this post isn’t about mushroom picking, popular Czech autumnal pastime though it is. At least not exactly. I spend a lot of time listening to Czech people speak … Continue reading


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