Secret Prague: the University Botanical Gardens

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Summer has finally arrived here in Prague which means it’s hot, hot, hot. I’m not complaining.  It’s just that while I may be fortunate enough to live in an apartment with a view of Prague Castle, don’t imagine that it’s a penthouse: there’s no rooftop garden with a pool or even a balcony.  In those long gaps between lessons, if I want some fresh air and sunshine, this is the place to go.

There are lots of pretty things to look at.

I like the fact that there is a statue with its head missing and a fountain with no water in it: everything here seems a little bit rough around the edges, a little bit lawless, just like Czechland itself.

If it’s raining you can go and have a look in the greenhouses for just 50kc.  They have a huge lily pond there and an impressive collection of cactuses.

See the flowers?  They’re lilac.  That’s all I know about them really.  And there are fish in that pond too: huge orange ones.

All in all, it’s a good place to go with a book if you want to spend an afternoon in peace and quiet and sunshine.  But shh… don’t tell anyone.  It’s a secret.  The 18 tram will take you there – it’s one stop from Karlovo Namesti.


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9 Responses to Secret Prague: the University Botanical Gardens

  1. Zita

    Former direktor of botanical garden is an art enthusiast and you can see his touch there:-) He said in one interview, that he likes flowers and plants because of their esthetics… I really like scientists, who can also think this way…
    btw. I sent you a list of cafes in Prague on your email (the one, which is written down here). I hope that you´ve got it and that it will be useful:-)

  2. Thank you for reminding me the place… one of my favourite hideouts in the summer Prague!

    I’ve read somewhere that as the garden is in the centre of a city, its year average temperature is few Celsius degreases higher (probably due to milder Winters, and warmer Summer nights) then the Nature outside the build-up area , thus the garden is inhabited by some warm-loving species of wasps and spiders, who can be otherwise found much more south-wise.

    Also, do you know the Faust House, on the nearest corner of Karlovo náměstí? In between of it and the St. John Nepomucene church down the street, there is another hidden garden (in fact two gardens, with entries via the church and Faust House). I’m not sure, however, whether they are open for general public except of special occasions (like the semi-anual alpine plants exhibition in Spring and Autumn).

    • girlinczechland

      Hello Jezovec,
      I’m glad this summer hideout has another fan but then on the other hand we don’t want *too* many people to head there or else it might lose it’s charm…

      I didn’t know about the second garden you mention but I’ll certainly investigate it. If anyone can get in there, Girl in Czechland can!

  3. meddo

    Better article would have been: Secret Prague, University Students who also work as a Whores.

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  5. Hi GIC,

    Thanks for alerting me to these wonderful gardens. My wife & I explored them for the first time on Tuesday as you can read here . I do give your blog a good plug as part of my post which hopefully will send you further visitors.

    • girlinczechland

      Dear Ricky,

      Thanks very much for the plug! I’m very glad you and your wife enjoyed the gardens: I really think they’re charming and I agree that were they attached to a National Trust property in the UK they would be swarming with visitors. Shame there’s nowhere you can slope off to for tea and scones though.

      I’m back in England at the moment but watch this space – more posts on their way soon…


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