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TEFL teacher or working girl? 10 reasons why Girl in Czechland sometimes feels like a whore

  “Many of my friends will tell you how temping for a year or ending up in sales is similar to prostitution.  It is not.”  So says Belle de Jour on the opening page of her blog-based book cataloging her adventures … Continue reading


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Quiz time: Check out just how Czech you’ve become…

I’ve just got back from a long weekend in Berlin. While packing my things at the hotel, I stood by the sink trying to decide whether to take those complimentary hand soaps and little sachets of shampoo. I know I … Continue reading


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Guerilla Knitting Czech Style: Girl in Czechland goes stitching and bitching

These women are taking part in an act of guerilla knitting outside the National Theatre in Prague.  I spotted them as I was on my way home on the 22 tram this afternoon. Overwhelmed with curiosity, I decided to jump off … Continue reading


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