Czech Summer Rain Explained

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Here is a picture of the view from my window. If you look really closely you can just make out the tiny silhouette of Prague Castle on the horizon. It’s hard to make out because of all the cloud. That’s because it’s raining.

It’s been doing that a lot here recently.  Not just ordinary rain, but torrential downpours with thunder so ear-poppingly loud it made me wonder if a grenade had gone off outside.  We have plenty of weather in England too – sometimes our entire summer consists of two or three sunny days in August – but nothing quite like this.

In England cold and rain go together like fish and chips or milk in tea. (Yes, there should be milk in tea and no, I shouldn’t have to ask for it.  Sugar is an optional addition to a nice cup of tea.  Milk isn’t).  In fact, this crazy Prague summer time weather means a baking, oppressive heat which lasts most of the day punctuated by a swift opening of the heavens around five or six in the evening.  The water buckets down cats and dogs. There’s none of that fine spray we call drizzle or the few scattered drops that might be described by the forecasters as a light shower: it’s like monsoon season wandered north.

This is macho, no-nonsense precipitation; its mission is to soak you to the skin. If you forget to take an umbrella, there’s no hope for you.  Your best plan of action is to dive into the nearest pub and drown your sorrows until the storm passes.   Don’t bother asking for a mineral water unless you want to get a very dirty look from the waiter and have the others around you assume you got lost on your way to an AA meeting.

I want to go out now but it’s still raining.

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10 Responses to Czech Summer Rain Explained

  1. I’m originally from Manchester, so rain doesn’t bother me at all. Although I have to say I don’t think I have ever seen so much rain in Prague at this time of year before….

    It would appear that someone has kidnapped the Czech summer and is holding it for ransom somewhere. Once my foot recovers from the current torn ligament situation, I intend to get out there and find the people responsible and rescue summer for everyone!….

    In the meantime, I’ll have to settle for hobbling to the pub later!


  2. chigau11

    even though the weather was horrible, we had a lovely day anyway:)

    • girlinczechland

      Yes we did! But I never want to see that Korean-Russian-Lichensteinian girl again. She was awful…


  3. Jaredd

    yes recently the weather here has been terrible.. but my czech friends are looking forward to mushrooms?..I dont understand that but maybe after the rain the mushrooms grow up 😀

    • Pave

      Mushrooms grow in wet and hot weather… it is reported that woods are full of them, and that rare mushroom species are spotted in many places…

      But there is a worrying side of the mushrooms hype…. a say is that alot of mushrooms foretell war.

      • girlinczechland

        Ooh, scary stuff!

        I had some first hand mushroom picking experience on my recent Czechland family holiday – will be writing about it in the next post…


  4. Marek

    Cool, three full paragraphs on big bad Czech summer rain and described in such a way I wanted to read more. Almost made me proud (as it, apparently, is one of the things we have that are bigger and meanier than in the UK). 🙂

    On a sadder note, I think it is deserves a mention that the rains in the past two months caused flooding in quite few areas. Lots of homes and some dozen lives were lost. 🙁

    • girlinczechland

      Hey there Marek,

      Thanks for bothering to leave encouraging words here once again 🙂 They are much appreciated: we blog folk like having our egos stroked…

      And yes, you’re absolutely right, the inclement weather has been disasterous for many people – the footage from Moravia was really shocking – and does more than deserve a mention. If a day indoors is the height of my suffering at the hands of the crazy rain, then I don’t have much to complain about really.


  5. Mike

    Please tell me you wouldn’t ruin a nice cup of Earl Grey by putting milk in it. Not all teas are made for milk.

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