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Closely Observed Trams and some thoughts on Czech Manners

Stand on a busy street in Prague and close your eyes. You will hear all the usual sounds – the hum of traffic, the occasional siren – but listen carefully and you will pick out a few noises unique to … Continue reading


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Some observations and my expat shopping list

Just back from my long weekend in England and I feel rough as hell.  Never mind.  I’d like you all to keep reading and so I guess I’d better keep posting. So, here are… Some observations following a weekend back … Continue reading


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There’s something fishy about Communism

I came across this poem the other day. Don’t be scared: it isn’t pretentious and it doesn’t rhyme. It’s by Michael Rosen who lives in Hackney, the same part of London where I spent five years of my life.  He’s a … Continue reading


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A Day Trip to Křivoklat and the Need to Be Concise

Someone on one of the Czechland related forums says my blog posts are good but a bit on the long side.  I agree. I talk too much sometimes.  I know it’s true.  I’m one of those women who corner their … Continue reading


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The Expat Question: some thoughts on why foreigners flock to Prague

I was sitting in The Globe last night when the conversation came around to The Question.  There were about six of us. As you might expect given the location (the Globe is an expat haunt) we all came from different … Continue reading


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