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Do you want to know my tongue?

 I’m starting to wonder whether Czech is really a language or a secret code.  I’ve never seen so many Z, Y and Ks so close together before which made me ask myself if Czech wasn’t just made up of all … Continue reading


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The man from C&A

Every time I come out of a metro station for the first time it seems there’s a shopping centre.  The ones here are pretty typical: lots of glass, shiny, no daylight, nowhere to sit down unless you fork out for … Continue reading

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Hit me with your Easter stick

I spent Easter at Czechman’s brother-in-law’s weekend house.  The little rabbit you can see in the picture was waiting by the door to greet us.  ‘Weekend house’ implies something modest like a chalet or a caravan so I was surprised by … Continue reading


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They have Tesco here, but not as we know it.  A trip to the meat counter reveals a selection of the usual offerings in those plastic trays: pork chops, chicken thighs and big red chunks of beef ready for roasting.  … Continue reading


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